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Dietitian Resume: Examples, Template, and Resume Tips

 4.9/5 Dietitians, also commonly spelled as dieticians, are people whose job description is to analyze people’s eating habits and help them improve.In the world where people are getting more and more obese, and where we suffer from more health issues that directly come from the food that we eat and how we eat it, the need for dietitians is dire.We need them to teach us about things that we probably...

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

 2.4/5 Your job interview will have plenty of tough questions you must learn to navigate. But perhaps the toughest of them all involves money – the interviewer might drop the question ‘What are your salary expectations?’ on you and you have to be ready.Talking about money is not easy. In fact, just 38% of employees feel like negotiating it even though you have to do it in order to get paid...

Social Media Manager Resume: Examples, Template, & Resume Tips

 4.7/5 Every single one of us has struggled to write their resume at least once in our lives. It should be easy and straightforward-list your education, experience, skills, give some basic information and write a little about yourself.Or is it just that? You know the answer to that question- no, it is not just that.Learning how to present yourself, highlight your advantages and hide your flaws is extremely crucial.And,...

The Secret to Being More Likeable on First Dates and Job Interviews Revealed

 1.2/5 You have probably never thought about it, but there are several similarities between job interviews and first dates. Here are a few:YOU GOOGLE EACH OTHER BEFOREHANDBefore going out on a date with someone, you probably spend some time googling their name and checking them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.You want to know more about them, know their likes and interests, see whether they are the kind of person that...

Marketing Resume …

 4.8/5 Are you dreading the prospect of sending out resumes because you know how difficult and frustrating it can be to even get one call back? Yes, it is stressful, but it is something everyone has gone through at least once in their life. You are not alone.So, whether you are finding your current job unsatisfactory and need a change of pace in a professional sense, or you are...

Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Cover Letter With “To Whom It May Concern”

 1.6/5 You have been searching for a job for weeks. Maybe months.You finally see a job posting that interests you. After reading the job description, you are sure that you not only qualify, but can excel in the job.You get to work. You update your resume and proofread it for any mistakes. All set.What next?You have to write the one document which can make or break your application.The cover...

Civil Engineer Resume: Examples, Template, and Resume Tips

 4.4/5 It’s well known that modern society wouldn’t be able to make it without civil engineers.The only reason why we have functioning systems that don’t fall apart and inherently lead to us falling apart is the existence of people who design, build and even supervise infrastructure projects and systems.As the number of people on this planet grows, the infrastructure that we’re using to survive has to fall victim to...

Use This Sample Letter to Withdraw a Job Application

 1.7/5 Hunting for a new job can be a tough experience, and it is highly unlikely that you might want to withdraw your application from a job you actually have a high chance of getting.In most cases, it is the prospective employer that turns down job applicants, rather than job applicants turning down job offers.Sometimes, however, for one reason or another, you might find yourself in a situation that requires...

Resume Tips & Examples

 4.6/5 This is often championed by environmental activists who advocate for change in government policies. These changes are seen as the solution required for a sustainable future.But who is it that does the technical advising and plays a critical role in the formulation of those policies?As an environmental engineer, many people may not know the role you play. But the people mandated to ensure the environment is taken care...

How to Choose Between Two Jobs

 4.3/5 Vanilla or chocolate?The ice-cream vendor stares yawningly at you. To which you joyously reply – Vanilla!If only choosing between two jobs were that easy.Job A pays well but Job B comes with perks and excellent work-life balance.Why not choose Job A and get a better pay package? It helps with exponentially scaling your salary raise every year.But wait! Job B allows me to have a life outside of my career for lesser pay. And what kind...