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    • We also send out regular emails about our current research, publications, commentary, news and forthcoming events (including research forums)
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      We send out a monthly newsletter with a summary of current publications and research. We also send out regular emails about our current research, publications, commentary, news and forthcoming events (including research forums)

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      The recruitment industry can be very competitive with a number of agencies competing for work. Recruitment companies need to provide a consistent, high-quality service in order to keep their existing clients and ISO Certification not only helps with this but also strengthens their position in the industry to win more new business and new clients.

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Inspiring the New Era of Work LTD. 
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As your lifelong career partner, we remain committed to working together with you as the world of work evolves. Our recruiting experts will continue to support you through your current challenges, whilst also helping with your longer-term planning. 

As all adapt in this new era of work, our advice and unique insights will help you to plan your next steps.

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We ( LTD.) love helping clients strengthen and streamline their businesses.
Our proven approach helps you better
manage costs and minimize risk. 
You’ll get the ready-to-use HR infrastructure that your business needs to be more efficient and profitable.

'' Countries Quota after Brexit ''

Brexit is an opportunity for immigration

Get Your Job Offer In just 3 Steps

Our Working Process


Choosing a job

Be familiar with the job profile to be filled.

What position or job are you supposed to fill in the organization? This is the first and important thing that you should be aware of, so you will know which direction to take (what to look for) when going through the list of candidates.


Prepare a resume

Draft the written job offer.

There is nothing wrong with making an informal letter to make your job offer, but it certainly does not hurt to take a more formal approach, either. This is to make it more professional, considering that you are entering into a professional relationship with the candidate.


Contact us

Conduct a job interview

Chances are, at this point, the choice has already been made. Or maybe the shortlist has been whittled to two or three candidates. The job interview will aid the recruiter to make the final decision. In other cases, the choice has been made, but there is a need for that final assurance that they are making the right decision. Hence, a job interview.

Brexit is the opportunity!

We’re hiring! Work for the world’s

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About LTD.

Beginning life in 2003 with just a handful of employees, Job-Offers.UK has over 800 recruiting specialists, including 500 in the UK. We work across 160 offices worldwide, of which 92 are in the UK, to help organizations and professionals to develop and grow.

Our expertise lies in being able to source skilled and qualified professionals, our unparalleled ability to engage with an extensive network of talent, and our capability to match this to our clients’ specific requirements.

Working across over 19 different industries and professions, we recruit for permanent and temporary roles for organizations of all sizes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Founder & CEO

Partner with us!

It pays to team up with LTD. Take advantage of a wide range of partnership opportunities by linking your business to the largest marketplace of jobs on the web.


What local employers say...

“It’s early days but we’re really pleased with how the Manor Royal Jobs Board is working,” said Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of the Manor Royal BID, “We’ve had a long relationship with the team. This new partnership brings together their expertise in running jobs boards with our understanding of the challenges Manor Royal employers are facing getting good people. As well as providing a new benefit to Manor Royal companies, the jobs board is supporting local recruitment and helping to promote the Business District as a great place to build a fantastic career.”

Steve Sawyer

Executive Director
"User friendly website and great customer service. Their communication is professional prompt and friendly. They are also very flexible with their customers and costs. Melissa McCarthy has a very warm and helpful approach with excellent customer service skills! Thank You Team!"

Maria Dicianu

Bright-Tech Investments Ltd
“ We have worked closely with Love local jobs now for over 5 years and it has worked really well for us. Having the partnership has enabled us to create long term relationships in the local area and strengthened existing. We have been impressed with the number of business leads it has generated and they are also a great team to work with.


Heart FM
“I look forward to continuing to use and congratulate the site for being successful - I have not renewed some of the other job boards I have trialled!"


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We send out a monthly newsletter with a summary of current publications and research. We also send out regular emails about our current research, publications, commentary, news and forthcoming events (including research forums). If you would like to receive these emails, please enter your details below. Information you provide will be used only to keep you informed about our work. The  will never sell your personal information or contact details on to any third party, or pass it on without your specific permission.

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